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Meet Jamie

~ Secular Celebrant & Interfaith Officiant ~

Jamie Dee Schiffer is blessed to be a mom to her most amazing son, Logan who challenges her to live deeply, always connecting with love and compassion.


She is a fiercely loyal and annoyingly positive friend, daughter, sister, confidant and partner in crime (relatively speaking).

Jamie has been a non-denominational, secular officiant for over 25 years and recently received Master's Certification from the Celebrant Academy as a Humanist Celebrant specializing in secular ceremonies. She has performed over 3,000 ceremonies around the world and lives to share people's stories of love.  

Jamie is co-author of ;

"Fearless Voices:  True Stories by Courageous Women", "Harmonic Voices:  Women on the Path to Peace",

and "Tender Voices: True Stories by Women on a Journey of Love".  

Jamie is also completing 2 new books based on the workshops and counseling work that she has done to help people release the pain and move forward in their lives with grace and dignity.

One of my favorite rescue horses, Ladybug is an Arabian-Appaloosa and is an absolute sweetheart!
3 of my favorite teachers and inspirations @Unity- Revs Donna, Sandy, & Jane
Me with my parents and my son who graduated with honors in Physics!

♥ I have a passionate love affair

with food, wine, and music. 

I love to travel, to experience the sights,

the sounds, the flavors of foreign lands

and immerse myself in their culture. 

I love to talk to and connect with...

everyone... about everything...

people fascinate me, motivate me, and inspire me.

My son jokes with me that I love to make people cry...

he's not wrong... but it's the happy cry,

the one that people do because they're so touched

by what you've done or said, that they're moved to tears. 

That's my goal with every ceremony that I perform...

to move people... to touch their hearts

and to leave them inspired,

seen and valued, ... heard and respected.

It may seem like a small thing to others,

but it it what nourishes my soul. ♥

~ Jamie

Hiking at Snow Lake in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. Being in nature nourishes my soul and brings endless inspiration for writing.
Wine tasting in Tuscany at the Fortress Castle in Montelcino. Traveling the world and experiencing new cultures and their food makes me feel more connected.
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